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What is a Conservation Development? As defined by Wikipedia: Conservation development, also known as Conservation design, is a controlled-growth land use development that adopts the principle for allowing limited sustainable development while protecting the area�s natural environmental features in perpetuity, including preserving open space landscape and vista, protecting farmland or natural habitats for wildlife, and maintaining the character of rural communities.

A conservation development is usually defined as a project that dedicates a minimum of 50% of the total development parcel as open space. The management and ownership of the land are often formed by the partnership between private land owners, land-use conservation organizations and local government. It is a growing trend in many parts of the country, particularly in the western United States. In the eastern U.S., conservation design has been promoted by some state and local governments as a technique to help preserve water quality.

What makes Chevalle a Conservation Development?
Chevalle�s developers have taken care to restore this land to its natural vegetative state. Two thirds of the development are permanently preserved greenspace. At every turn, the developers have worked hand in hand with Chaska city leaders to restore and preserve the land and connect it to Chaska�s greenbelt and build on one of the community�s greatest assets � its trail system and green spaces.�

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